GVSU Senior Showcase 2020

Sam Bogits Emily Byers Julia Catri Lawrence Chavez Hailey Ciesluk Madeleine Felten Hills, Abigail Tate Irwin Sabrina Kloss Brittany McDonald Gina Misak Hanna Moulenbelt Jenny Pham Cristina Piecuch Mitchell Roe Erin Routledge Ally Staelgraeve Kelsey Sweet Katherine Williams Garrett Yonkers

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GVSU Illustration


XX: 2020 GVSU Illustration Senior Showcase

To view this show on your computer (preferred), click the link above to enter.

Movement: Movement: Use the movement puck to navigate the gallery. Move the puck where you would like to go and click your mouse to move to that position.

Viewing: To track and swivel your view, move the cursor in the direction you want to view next.

Artwork: When your cursor lands on an artwork, it will transform from a movement puck to a green dot indicating interactivity. Click to view the work centered to your screen. You can then move your cursor to another artwork (green dot) and click to view, or, to continue exploring in the gallery (movement puck), point your cursor in the direction you want to move and click.

Exiting: To exit the gallery, and return to your desktop, hit Escape.

Developers notes: We are aware of memory issues with some Apple iPhones and are working to resolve these issues. This virtual gallery experience is best viewed on computer and can be experienced on tablets, and VR interfaces.